Bareel Virtueel


Animations for a virtual platform, messageboard, game and artwork by Marcel van der Drift. The game works with location software.

Basisschool de Bareel and Stichting Tabijn. See also: (Dutch).

Navigate whith the Google–like interface by zooming in and out and by rotating the field (isometrically). There are four zooming levels through which you can explore the virtual school and its surroundings. This allows you to have a birdview of the disctrict and also investigate the ants crawling on the roof.

The building has three floors. The floors can be (de)activated by clicking the corresponding planes.

In the building interactive objects and animals can be found, like hermit crabs, a hedgehog, pigeon, rabbit, etc. An interaction occurs as the objects and/or animals are be combined. Most objects react in different ways. When more players have logged in, you can see them move objects. Small games appear as you explore the world; f.e. play tic tac toe with nine red apples that change color when you click them or organise a contest of whose pigeon can produce the most whipped cream!

Use the virtual school as a message board. Doublecklick on the walls of the school (or anywhere) and add personal messages. The messages are only visible when zoomed into the right level, which makes it a nice searching game.

The virtual school is also being used as a messageboard. Through the backend, the administrator (director of the school) can add daily messages that will appear on walls and floors of the virtual building. An animated slideshow takes the visitor along these announcements. In the central hall of De Bareel School is a monitor on which this virtual slideshow is shown.

Annelou Velein

Location software

Aereal photos

Big screen

Rienks Architecten

Thanks to
Adviescommissie Beeldende Kunst Broekpolder (ABKB) and Gemeente Heemskerk

Made possible by
The MediaGuild in Amsterdam where Marcel and I worked together for a year.
My contribution was made possibly by financial support of the BKVB Foundation.